PennDOT District 12 is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of I-70 from the West Virginia state line east to New Stanton, PA (Exit 57). Much of the corridor was originally designed and built more than 55 years ago; therefore, many improvements are underway and/or planned to meet modern traffic needs. To date, 8 improvement projects have been completed, 7 are being constructed, and 5 are in the design phase. PennDOT District 12 will invest nearly $500 million to deliver the improvement projects which will include interchange improvements, bridge replacements or reconstructions, and miles of improved roadway and upgrades to the interstates intelligent transportation systems. More details are provided below. The goal of this website is to provide users with a single resource to gauge the status of all of these improvement projects.
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I-70 Features

Roadway DesignRoadway Design
New sections of I-70 will offer wider roadway lanes and shoulders.

Interchange DesignInterchange Design
New interchange ramps will provide standard acceleration and deceleration areas and wider lanes and shoulder.

Roundabout DesignRoundabout Design
Several I-70 Projects are considering including roundabouts rather than traditional intersection design at some interchange locations.
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Roadway icon
Roadway Improvements
Like most of our National Interstate System, parts of I-70 are reaching their life expectancy and are not adequate for today's transportation needs. PennDOT plans to reconstruct, rehabilitate, and perform pavement preservation on large sections of I-70.
Bridge icon
Bridge Replacements and Rehabilitation
Over 50 million dollars will be spent to reconstruct or rehabilitate I-70 bridges. Improvements will include:
• Addressing all structurally deficient bridges and
• Addressing all bridges with less than a 16.6 feet under clearance
ITS icon
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
ITS improvements to I-70 include:
• Dynamic message signs to provide timely, advance information
to motorists about traffic accidents, adverse weather
conditions, construction, detours, and lane closures
(in addition to other safety messages).
• Highway Advisory Radio to provide timely traffic and

safety related information via dedicated radio frequency.
• Closed circuit camera and monitoring to provide
real-time information to motorists.
Interchange improvements icon
Interchange Improvements
250 million dollars will be invested to improve I-70 interchanges, including:
• Significant improvements to 8 interchanges will occur
• Safety improvements to other interchanges will be made
along the corridor.